Colourist. Motion Designer

I've been working in the video production industry for nearly a decade full-time. Over that time, I've had to do a little bit of everything. Pre-production, production and post, I've covered the gamut. My day job has me working in two primary disciplines; on-set as director of photography, and in post as a motion designer.

Outside of my full time work, I'm developing my skills as a colourist. I have enjoyed collaborating with different crews on set, as well as many different directors in the colour suite. I really love working on bringing out the best in footage that other's have shot. I find not only does it sharpen my skills as a colourist, but as a photographer as well.

I am available for freelance work as a colourist or motion designer primarily, but can also work in many areas of production.  I'd love to chat about your project and see what I can bring to the table.

If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch via Twitter or email me using the form below. I'd love to hear about how I can help your project.

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