"The creators of Dream.Build.Drive bring you the cinematic documentary, FLATS. A desire to build his own machines and the pursuit of speed lead Nigel Petrie to create a Salt Flat Racer from a 350cc KTM. The childhood dream of setting a land-speed record fuels his journey to the DLRA 25th Annual Speed Week. Riding on custom made motorcycles, Nigel and his good friend Dean Walters go on an epic road trip from Geelong, Victoria to the salt flats of South Australia in the chase of the ultimate speed."

FLATS was a fantastic project to work on, but a big one - with over 6TB of footage, over 20 shoot days, and shot on a variety of cameras in all sorts of lighting conditions, and finishing the whole project in 4k. Director and DP Mathew J Cox was fantastic to work with, and we spent hours fine tuning the different sequences and moods across the 80 minute documentary. It was great to be able to sink my teeth into such a large and varied project, and to work with a director who really knew the look he wanted to bring out of the film.